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Building & Pest Inspection FAQ's

We keep a list of common questions & answers asked about building and pest inspections to help you understand more about the process
What is a building and pest inspection?
We only perform combined building and pest inspections so I would prefer this to reflect this.
How soon can you do my building and pest inspection?
As soon as you contact us we will liaise with the agent to arrange for the earliest access to the property. We guarantee you will be emailed your report within 24 after the physical inspection, however you will usually receive it much earlier.
How much does a building and pest inspection cost?
The price is dependent on the size and condition of the property. Contact us today to receive your quote.
Who arranges my building and pest inspection?
After receiving your instructions to proceed we will liaise with all the relevant parties to arrange access to the property.
Is a building and pest inspection always necessary?
No, certainly not, but for a relatively small investment, a combined building and pest inspection can give you peace of mind that the property you’re interested in is structurally sound and free of potentially damaging pests. One of the major benefits of a building and pest inspection is it will help you negotiate the sale price if there are any issues found that you and the seller weren’t aware of. It is far less stressful to find out about termites before you buy. Sometimes, in such cases, the seller is willing to address the problem at their cost and offer a small compensation (including paying for another pest inspection) for any delays
Do sellers sometimes get building & pest inspections?
Yes! As a seller, an inspection can give you confidence that the house you’re selling is of a good condition and you won’t get any surprises when the buyer gets their own inspection done. It’s a lot cheaper to address issues before a buyer falls in love with your property but then breaks the contract after receiving a damming inspection report
How many inspectors will be inspecting the house?
One competent Building and pest inspector will be attending the inspection and providing the report.
Do you inspect the roof void?

Yes. If your roof void is accessible and safe to access then we will inspect it. We will ask the agent to ensure accessibility before we attend. We bring our own ladders to access such areas.

If the inspector deems that the roof void is unsafe to enter, then they will do all that they can to inspect it by other means.

This may involve a visual inspection from the manhole or an exterior roof inspection. The report will clearly outline how the roof void was inspected and why it was unsafe to enter.

If I have a concrete slab, do I still need a timber pest inspection?

Yes. This is important as there is no sub floor for the inspector to assess due to the concrete being on the ground.

Termites only need very small gaps in the concrete to gain access to timber structure such as gaps around pipes and electrical cables or through covered weep holes.

I have a steel framed house, do I still need a building and pest inspection?

Unfortunately Yes. Steel framed houses contain a number of elements which are made of timber such as doors, cabinets, window frames etc which are all prone to termite infestations. Termites are quite happy to traverse the steel frame to find a soft wood window frame.

Again, building inspections are still necessary as steel frames are still susceptible to structural issues.

How long does the inspection take?

On average, a combined building and pest inspection will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.

This depends largely on the size of the house, any difficulties during the inspection and sometimes if the house is older, which may take longer to inspect.

Regardless of the time taken, our price is fixed

Do you use thermal imaging/infrared cameras?
Yes, we use the latest thermal imaging cameras. These show up issues that are hidden in walls such as water leaks or a termite infestation!
How can I obtain a building and pest inspection quote?
Please call us on 0417 005 945 to make a booking!
What experience do your inspectors have?
Brett is a fully licensed and insured building and pest inspector. Feel free to read Brett’s profile page
When do I get my building inspection report?
We guarantee that you will get your building inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. However we are often able to email them a lot earlier.
What locations do you service?

Please look on our service location page.

Can I attend the inspection?
Absolutely! Brett actually prefers it if you do as it will help you to get a better understanding of the condition of your property. However it’s certainly not necessary. We’ll still provide you with a detailed, personalised report and you can always call Brett at any time to discuss any questions or issues.
When should I have a Building and/or Pest inspection?

If you are a buyer, then you should organise an inspection immediately after you sign a contract on a property which is ‘subject to a building and pest inspection’. You normally sign contracts as having ‘x many days’ to accept or reject based on the conditions, where x is usually 14 or sometimes as low as 7 in a hot market. This means you would only have 7 days to call a building and pest inspector, book them in, read their report and make a decision to buy the property.

If you are a buyer it is best to do a pre-sale inspection before you put the house on the market. This way you can resolve any issues in a timely manner and not lose a buyer because you have a builder around fixing a broken gutter for example.

How To Organise A Building & Pest Inspection?

Not sure what to do about a Building and pest inspection?

New to buying a house? Making an offer on a property? Selling your home?

Read all about how to Organise A Building & Pest Inspection … on our blog

What does a building inspector look for?
Building inspectors look for structural issues and conditions that may lead to structural issues in a property. This involves checking for building defects, cracks, moisture, mould, water damage, leaks, rot, roof structures. They will check inside and outside the building such as paths, driveways, lofts, bathrooms, kitchens and floors.
Is a building inspection necessary?
Yes a building inspection is considered necessary but not they are not legislated. Therefore you don’t have to conduct one if you don’t want to. However, if you consider the average home costs over $500,000 and only a licenced inspector will find potentially costly issues (sometimes in the region of $100,000’s), why wouldn’t you get one?
How long does a building inspection take?
For an average sized home, a building inspection normally takes about 60 to 90 minutes. A building and pest inspection can take a further 30 minutes. If the customer attends the inspection it can take a little longer as most inspectors are happy to discuss issues as they find them.
What will fail a home inspection?
Typically the most common reason a home inspection fails is due to some form of water or dampness issue. However, ultimately a home inspection fails if the customer paying for it decides the issues found are reason enough to change their mind. So it is all relative as some customers are already aware there will be major issues.
Do Home Inspectors check appliances?
No not normally. Home inspectors are usually looking for structural issues inside and outside the building. However, if a defected appliance is causing structural issues then they will check this. Appliances, such as fridges, hot water systems, ovens should be checked out by licenced electricians and plumbers.
Are house inspections worth it?
We think so! When the average price of a home is over $500,000, a building inspection costs a fraction of the price and it can reveal hidden issues that can cost anywhere in the region of $100,000’s. All inspections must be carried out by qualified, licenced & insured experts so you are buying a significant piece of mind.
Do you get a building inspection before making an offer?
As a buyer normally no, however when the market is hot, very hot, some sellers only accept unconditional offerers! In which case, when you make your offer, if it is accepted you’ve bought the house! Therefore the vendor allows you to organise a building inspection before you make your offer.
Does a home inspector check for mold?
Definitely! Mould is a sign of moisture. Moisture leads to decay. Decay leads to structural damage. A building inspector will determine the cause of the mould. Sometimes it is simply the residents living style, such as never opening windows. Other times it is due to design defects or lack of maintenance resulting in a very large cost to fix.
How do you pass a home inspection?

I’m assuming you are the sellor? Either way, you don’t really pass a home inspection, it’s more that the the buyer still wants to buy the property even though they are now aware of the building and pest issues. Inspection reports are also relative. That is someone buying a new home expects no serious issues, whereas with an older house they will be more willing to accept a long list of ‘concerns’. You can mitigate surprises by conducting a pre-sale inspection yourself so that you are aware of the issues before the buyer.

How do I prepare for a home inspection?

One of the best ways is to purchase a pre-sale inspection where you pay for a licenced, qualified, inspector to discover the defects before the buyer. This will allow you to make repairs, or adjust your price accordingly. Other ways are to watch videos on building inspections and learn what is looked for

What does NBB&PI or NBBPI stand for?
NBBPI stands for North Brisbane Building & Pest Inspections.
Who is is also North Brisbane Building & Pest Inspections. In the early days we decided to change the name to include ‘Brisbane’ so that everyone knew that we were a local Brisbane company. At the same time we also added the ‘North’ which is ironic as we do as many inspections on the southside of Brisbane!

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