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Comparing Building Inspection Prices

We looked at the top companies in our search results and compared their prices to see how they all measured up.
To keep things simple and fair we tried to base the price on a combined building and pest inspection for a 3 bedroom house. If the service offered any significant extras, like a free pool inspection, we made a note.
Here’s what we found:
Company 1 Bed Price 3 Bed Price Extras
North Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections
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Jim’s Building Inspections
No online quote
No online quote
One Home Inspections
No online quote
No online quote
Building Pro
No online quote
No online quote
Twenty20 Building Consultancy
No online quote
A Free Pool Safety Barrier Inspection
Rapid Building Inspectors
No online quote
No online quote
Your Building Inspector
Action Property Inspections
No online quote
No online quote
Inspect My Home
These prices were obtained on the 20th January 2020
Just in case you wanted to compare our prices for our different services you can find it on our Compare Our Inspection Prices page
We tried phoning a few of the companies that don’t list their prices online. However it quickly became apparent that they needed a lot of details and a long conversation. We were obviously not in the market for a build and pest inspection ourselves and thought it best not to waste their valuable time.
The services we are comparing from each business did differ for each company. No two companies offered exactly the same service. You should always find the best building and pest inspection service and company for you rather than simply finding the cheapest.
It turns out our prices were significantly cheaper than the companies in the top of the search results. We expect this is because of the following reasons:
  1. These are large companies with large overheads such as office space and support staff
  2. They may well have had to pay significantly to be at the top of the results, either in advertising, or SEO, costs
  3. They pay for a large amount of marketing costs
  4. They pay for a large amount of social media costs
  5. They pay for management costs being Australia wide corporations
  6. Prices change all the time for all companies.
We’re just guessing here, but it does seem that the bigger companies do charge a lot more money for a very similar service.
We are sure these bigger companies will argue they provide a superior service, through economies of scale. All we can say is that we strive to make our service the best building and pest service you can get. We get 5 star reviews constantly and we see the genuine happiness in our customers every day. If we ever do bump into any issues we are always there to explain them and resolve them at the earliest opportunity.