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Brisbane Pre-Sale Inspections

List of All Our Building & Pest Inspection Services

North Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections conduct pre-sale building inspections in the Brisbane area and provide detailed independent pre-sale building reports that reveal the existence of structural concerns or damage at the property.

Why buy a pre-sale building and pest report:

One of the many advantages of buying a pre-sale building report is that it helps eliminates unexpected surprises leading to 12th-hour negotiations of lower prices after you have found your buyer. You only need one buyer to sell your property and the last thing you need is to lose them because of a resolvable issue being discovered in their building and pest report.

Pre-sale building and pest technology:

As ever we use every day easy to understand language and make extensive use of the latest pest inspection latest technology such as thermal cameras and moisture detection devices. We also like to make use of photos to help explain areas of concern. Your report will be easy to understand, detailed and accurate using the help of this technology.

Benefits of buying a pre-sale building and pest report:

  • Discover issues and concerns before attracting a buyer
  • Negotiating leverage by knowing the condition of your property
  • Avoid delays negotiating surprise issues after an offer has been made
  • Or, even worse avoid, losing buyers after an offer has been made
  • Perform a thorough report by moving obstructions
  • Pre hand knowledge of issues if raised by a buyer with ability to respond authoritatively & quickly
  • Suggest recommendations and maintenance tasks
Pre-Sale Inspections can be any combination of a building and a pest inspection. The prices will be as per the Building and Pest Inpection services.

Attend Your Pre-Sale Inspection

Want to be present during the pre-sale inspection? Feel free to watch your inspector in action. At the end of the inspection – at your request – your inspector will be very happy to walk you through the pre-sale report.
We offer a variety of inspections that you can mix and match depending on your situation